"Right Now Discover How To Totally And Completely Dominate Your Opponent By Shutting Down Their Whole Game And Putting Them At Your Mercy! 

Learn The Most Devastating and Controlling Gripping Sequence From An Olympian,
World-Class Judo Player, And The Man Who Is Known As
The Best Grip Fighting Instructor In The World"

Hi, I’m 2004 Olympian, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Here’s my story…

I started my journey in judo at the young age of seven, back in the early 80s.

I joined a free after-school judo program in Miami and discovered that I truly loved it.

I kept at it and found myself becoming more and more confident. That is until my parents decided to move to another city when I turned eleven.
Unfortunately, there were no decent judo programs in my area, and my parents couldn’t afford private lessons, so my judo career was essentially over before it really got started.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get back into judo until I graduated from college in the late-90s. Though I totally enjoyed getting back into it and found myself intrigued by competition-level judo, I also realized something…

I knew absolutely NOTHING about competition-level judo.

I didn’t even have any clue of where to start!

My knowledge, tools, resources, and budget were all incredibly limited. But even worse, I didn't even know what I didn't know…. If that makes any sense at all.

I was literally walking in the dark when it came to becoming familiar with the world of competitive judo.

Then I watched Jimmy Pedro win the Olympic bronze medal in Atlanta in 1996.

That moment changed everything for me.



Chances are that you are here because you were right where I was at one point in time.
I learned just enough grip fighting to be “dangerous” but not enough to be “lethal.”

Enough to beat some good people, but not enough to be the best people.

Enough to stop losing as much, but not enough to win consistently.

I was competitive.

I was throwing more and falling less…..but I was still getting thrown!

I was competitive but not dominant.

Learning the cross grip took me from average to PHENOMENAL!

As a matter of fact, I would not have won the 2004 Olympic Trials without it!

When I started judo in I started judo in 1982 at the age of 7 in an afterschool program in Miami, Florida I didn’t know anything about grip fighting. Hell, my parents relocated when I was 7 years old and my judo career was over, I didn’t return to the sport of my youth until I graduated from college in 1997. And even then… I knew nothing about grip fighting.


I had limited tools. Limited knowledge. And most importantly, I did not know what I did not know. After seeking out the best and really putting my nose to the grindstone I was able to understand grip fighting at the basic levels and then really concentrate on the things that made throws work.

Grip Fighting is such a complex subject that it can be very difficult to grasp and understand. And it is very seldom understood that most of the information on the subject online is 100% incorrect. Most people teach some gripping tips or tactics and don’t provide a whole system of grip fighting.

See the basic philosophy of judo does NOT change. But the strategies and tactics of how to win at judo are always changing. They are constantly changing and you must change and adapt too.

Grip Fighting is a system…..

A system with rules, guidelines, openings, closing, counters, approaches and simple and easy to understand language..... if you know them.

Let me be clear with you….

Before I learned grip fighting, I was a human highlight reel for my opponents. I may have well just walked on to the tatami, performed a cartwheel and fell on to my back. I was going to tournaments and making donations. And when I traveled to Europe to compete, I was called and “F.R.C.” If you don’t know what an “F.R.C.” is, that’s a first round clown. That means you show up to compete and you lose in the first round and you are done.

Life without understanding grip fighting was miserable. I walked on the mat confused, thinking about what throw I was going to “get ‘em with” this time.

And even though all of that is funny now… the sad part is that I was wasting my parents and my hard earned money. And the money of my friends and family members that believed in me, that were supporting me.

I felt horrible always having to give stories about “how long I lasted in the match” or how I lost to the “person that won the tournament or medalled.” And, quite honestly, some of my friends didn’t know anything about judo and sometimes I’d just lie. I’d say that I was close but couldn’t pull it out this time. I’m embarrassed to admit it. But, it was true.

I had to do something.

And I did.

I looked at the 3 things that you need to become a great judo player and I attacked those three things with reckless abandon.

When it came to grip fighting I studied some of the greats. From Eddie Liddie, Jimmy Pedro, Steve and Irwin Cohen and I watched video and studied religiously. I figured out the grip fighting game that would work in the various divisions and weight classes and I figured out the grip fighting games that were foundational that would work in all divisions. I studied the grip fighting rules and the exceptions to the rules.

A few months ago I asked myself the question, “What Is The Hardest Gripping Sequence To Beat When It Is Applied Properly?”

My answer was…. The Cross Gripping Sequence!

And if you don’t believe me. Just watch this….

And that’s when I created The Cross Gripping Blueprint.

And not only did I create it to show you the gripping sequences, I also INCLUDED the attacks that you need to have in order to implement the system and to stop you from getting hit with “shidos” in a judo contest.

The first time that I was truly and properly introduced to the cross gripping sequence was by 2000 Olympian Ato Hand.  
We were training and the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and he locked his big bear sized claws onto my gi and then grabbed my sleeve and I could not move.

You might as well just sent some electricity through my body because that’s how locked in place I was. And then the Osoto Garis started coming down like rain. 

I could not stop them…. and I could not stop him. I was almost driven to tears. 

And that is when I KNEW I had to learn The Cross Gripping System. 

That was in the year of 1999!!!

It’s now 2019 at the time of the writing and I can tell you that I have not only learned it but I’ve perfected the art of teaching it. 

I Will Warn You. This Is Not For Everyone.
Most of this material has never been presented on in any one of my grip fighting seminars. That's because this stuff is "too heavy" and sophisticated to be relegated to a 90-minute time slot during a seminar. And it really requires the understanding of The High Level Basics of Grip Fighting first or at least some working knowledge of grip fighting, gripping strategy and gripping tactics.

That's why previously I only revealed the secrets of The Cross Grip and innerworkings of this grip fighting information to my personal clients who pay a pretty penny a year in some of my higher end coaching programs.

I’ve had some recent changes in my life that has really caused me to focus on my legacy as a coach and an instructor and I’m just super committed to teaching, educating and providing the best online, virtual and personal coaching and training experiences possible.

And right now I'm making this, The Cross Gripping Blueprint, available for a very limited time for people who feel they are ready for this material. 

As I mentioned before…. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

In fact, the grip fighting principles I want to share with you could put you at odds with people in your dojo and the people you practice with because of your new thinking about the sport, how you practice, how you approach training and how you see the game and the art of judo.

So if you are easily offended, have a problem with people being angry with you, get heart palpitations during confrontation, or are prone to emotional scarring after learning the TRUTH about judo and judo throws, then perhaps The Cross Gripping Blueprint is not for you.

But if you're willing to be exposed to the TRUTH about grip fighting and how this gripping sequence will change your judo, totally and completely, then you are read for the judo success that may have evaded you all these years...

With The Cross Gripping Blueprint you are going to be able to literally paralyze your competitors by turning your hands into human tasers! You will literally be able to shut down their WHOLE judo game and implement yours. It will be like taking candy from a baby. It will literally feel like you have finally unlocked your treasure chest of throws and now you can use all of them.

Now, I know some of you reading this and saying, “I know the cross grip already.”

But….I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve heard this and then after having people do a session with me, they realize that there is so much more to grip fighting and the cross grip than they knew. But I want to be fair and I want to help as many people as possible.

So, if you are someone who is skeptical, let me tell you this. If you invest in The Cross Gripping Blueprint and you know everything in the product and/or don’t find it helpful, I will give you all of your money back. 

No questions asked. 

And I will allow you to keep the product, and all the bonus material and gift it to someone else who does not know what you know. Will some people get over on me. Yes, I’m sure of it. But there are more honest and upright people in the world than get-over-artist so I’m comfortable with doing the right thing for you and for the development of our art and sport. 

If you’ve already purchased a previous version of The Cross Gripping Blueprint, I would encourage you to get this upgraded version today. As I’ve made some considerable upgrades. 

People learn differently. Of course the exercise of learning grip fighting on the mat is a tactile exercise. But other than that some people learn better by being taught visually and some people learn better by being taught in an auditory fashion. I remember when I was in college that there was this one dude in the class who never had a pen, pencil, notebook, paper… nothing. He’d just come to class and listen. Hell, I thought he was sleeping, but he picked up on everything. He listened and he got it. Me?!?!? I had to read and do the problems over and over and over and over again. That was the only way I was going to get it. But I do recognize that people have different learning styles, so I’ve created audio resources, video resources as well as visual aids, reading materials in this course and even provided a social media accountability component. 

So let me explain to you what’s in The Cross Gripping Blueprint Course

You will receive….

1. The Cross Gripping Blueprint Membership Site ($1497.00 Value)
     a. 14 Video Modules
     b. 11 Audio Modules
     c. 11 PDF Transcriptions of the Modules

2. The Cross Gripping Blueprint PDF Quick Start Guide ($47.00 Value)

3. Bonus #1 - The Secret To Making Yourself More Coachable ($147.00 Value)
     a. The PDF Guide
     b. The Increasing Your Coachability MP3

4. Bonus #2 - The Fool Proof Tips To Doubling Your Grip Fighting Confidence ($147.00 Value)
     a. The PDF Guide
     b. The Grip Fighting Confidence Coaching MP3

5. Bonus #3 - Grip Fighting Teleseminar - What’s Working Now: 7 Ways To Throw More and Fall Less In Judo… Quick And Simple ($197.00 Value)
     a. The MP3
     b. The PDF Transcription

6. Bonus #4 - “The 3 Things That Every BJJ Player Needs To Know About Judo” Featuring David Camarillo ($97.00 Value)
     a. The MP3
     b. The PDF Transcription

7. Bonus #5 - Two - 12 Month Redeemable 30 Minute Coaching Call Coupon ($500.00 Value)
*** This Is Huge!!! These Coaching Call Coupons Alone Are Worth The Whole Program ***

8. Bonus #6 - A beautiful Certificate of Completion that is digitally signed by instructor and 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson that you can frame, present to your national governing body for promotional purposes and that you can use for continuing educational units per some of your professional coaching pursuits ($47.00 Value)

9. Bonus #7 – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson’s Private Facebook Grip Fighting Coaching Group ($297.00 Value)

That’s a $2976.00 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!!!
THAT'S $2,976.00 worth of information in
The Cross Gripping Blueprint Course
ALL FOR.... Little to nothing!

Now, rest assured that if you were to pay a high level judo instructor for this incredibly in-depth training, you could easily spend as much as a $5000.00 or more (if they could teach it to you)
In fact, I charge and get $2500.00 to work with individual students on a one-to-one basis!

And while I am absolutely confident that a price of $1997.00 for this course is more than fair and reasonable as it is test proven and the amount of information that is provided is more than worth the $2976.00 price tag…. 

…..I’m not going to charge that. 

For those of you that know me, you know that I’m fair and I think that a more than fair price for The Cross Gripping Blueprint Is a mere $697.00 (Heck, I’ve compiled all the information for you and have done all the trial-and-error and tool all the falls and beating to deliver you a complete system with the attacks.)

But, I’m not even going to charge that. Heck, I’m not even going to charge your $397.00 nor am I going to charge you $297.00

Right Now, I am going to ask you to invest in yourself and get The Cross Gripping Blueprint Today for only $197. 

That’s $2976.00 worth of information in
The Cross Gripping Blueprint Course for ONLY $197!
And I’ve created payment options to make sure that everybody can get their hands on The Cross Gripping Blueprint today.

Here’s how you can order...
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What You Will Learn In The High Level Basics Of Grip Fighting:
Secret #1: Where Your Hands Need To Be and WHY!!!!!

Secret #2: How To Establish, Get, And Maintain Sleeve Control
Secret #3: Know When To Attack And Most Importantly, When NOT To Attack!
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